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Serving Christ and Connecting Catholics in Western North Carolina

MINT HILL — Seven people were recently honored by St. Luke Church with the Salt and Light Award for their years of selfless service both within and outside of the parish community.

Thomas and Marie-Michele Darcy, Bill and Kim Suslick, and Philip and Barbara Angelo were honored at a Mass in April. One recipient, Antoinette Bowyer, was given the award posthumously. Three of her five children, Patsy, Angela and Jill, received the award in her name.

The Salt and Light Award has been celebrated for more than 10 years at the Mint Hill parish. The award honors not just the individuals for their service, but it also highlights the many ministries in which they have served, encouraging others to also become involved in the many service opportunities offered through the parish.

“Jesus calls us to be salt and light. These individuals have helped to preserve the spirit of service which is the hallmark of a Christ-centered community. They have shown us the path we are all called to follow as a result of our baptism, which is to be a visible sign of Christ’s love in the world,” noted Father Paul Gary, pastor.