Sunday, July 24, 2016

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St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Jefferson celebrates its 50th anniversary

Priests who have served at St. Francis of Assisi

101113-Stt-Francis41954 until 1962

Priests from the Diocese of Raleigh

Fr. Ralph Monk

Fr. Bruno Swiatocha

Fr. Richard McCue

Fr. Richard Todd

Fr. Frank Connolly

Fr. Michael

Fr. Edward Beatty

Fr. Franklin E. Arnold

1963 to present

Fr. Robert Valenza - early 1960s (Glenmary )

Fr. Francis "Frank" Connelly- early 1960s (Glenmary )

Fr. Ed Smith – 1963-1964 (Glenmary)

Fr. James Doell- 1963-1968 (Glenmary)

Fr. Robert Cameron– 1968-1973 (Glenmary)

Fr. Les Schmidt- 1973-1974 (Glenmary)

Fr. Cal DeLeuil – 1974-1975 (Glenmary)

Fr. Fidelis (Fid) Levri – 1975-1977 (Glenmary)

Fr. Anthony "Tony"Jablonoski– 1977-1980, visiting priest and not Glenmary

assisted by Glenmary Brothers Curt Kedley and John Benish

Fr. Richard Kreimer - 1980 – 1983 (Glenmary)

Fr. John Otterbacher -1983-1988 (Glenmary)

Fr. Joseph "Joe" Waters (celebrated Spanish Masses 2x/month) – 1988-1998, Diocese of Charlotte

Fr. Roland (Rollie) Hautz-1988-1998 (Glenmary)

assisted by Glenmary Brothers Mike Springer and Ken Woods

Diocese of Charlotte

Fr. Ron Marecki – 1998-1999

Fr. Wilbur Thomas- 1999

Fr. Mark Lawlor - 1999-2003

Fr. C. Morris Boyd -2003-2004

Fr. Patrick Joseph Winslow -2004 – 2006

Fr. Joseph Dinh -2006-2010

Fr. James Stuhrenberg -2010 to present