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062217 earth daySALISBURY — Students at Sacred Heart School recently celebrated Earth Day with numerous projects and science lessons outside the classroom, including building bee boxes.

Middle school science teacher Hillary Shores coordinated the event, which featured guest educators: Danelle Cutting from N.C. Cooperative Extension Service, Sue Davis from Rowan County Bee Keeper Association, Sam Parrott from The LandTrust of Central North Carolina, Randy Cox from Rowan County Master Garden Association, Shannon Ellsworth from RSS-Horizons and Beth Stebe from Rowan County 4H Club.

Elementary students planted seeds and learned that plants need proper soil, water and sunlight. Middle school students worked in the sensory garden and planted a Japanese maple tree. They also planted milkweed to attract monarch butterflies. Students also learned about the importance of pollinators in nature, what to do if they encounter a wild animal, the intricacies of origami, and more.
“We are full STREAM ahead!” said Principal Tyler Kulp. “There are lessons of science, agriculture, math, engineering and religion blossoming everywhere. You can read about building a bee box or bird house in a book or you can get wood and hammers and just build one! Which one really teaches?

Our fourth-grade students are studying our state – instead of “reading” about the cash crops of North Carolina, these students came outside and planted cotton, soybeans, corn, sweet potatoes and tobacco. Learning in action!”