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091116 ec procession main sliderCHARLOTTE — The Sept. 10 Eucharistic Procession for this year's Eucharistic Congress was the longest in the event's 12-year history – stretching three-quarters of a mile from its start at St. Peter Church on South Tryon Street to its end at the Charlotte Convention Center. The procession was led by this year's First Communicants from across the diocese, and included women and men religious who serve in the diocese, active and retired priests and deacons, and – at its heart – the Blessed Sacrament carried in a monstrance by Bishop Peter J. Jugis.

Images featured here are by Catholic News Herald photographers Doreen Sugierski, Bill Washington and John Cosmas, as well as senior reporter SueAnn Howell.



For more coverage of the 2016 Eucharistic Congress, go to our blog at http://goeucharist.tumblr.com/

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