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In response to the news article in the April 28 edition of the Catholic News Herald, “Trump signs bill to let states redirect funds from abortion clinics,” I would like to provide more detail. Thanks to this new bill being signed, Catholics and other American citizens are free from the abomination of tax dollars going toward abortion, and specifically Planned Parenthood.

The president did well in purposely having the tax dollars given to former Sen. Tom Price, the pro-life Secretary of Health and Human Services. At the time when the bill was signed, Democrats and Planned Parenthood confidently thought that the organization would still be funded because of what was written in the bill. However, because Price is pro-life, Planned Parenthood will not be receiving any funding as long as Price keeps his faith and is the HHS secretary.

“Taxpayers should not be forced to fund abortion, plain and simple,” expressed Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan in a statement. “We remain united and steadfast in our commitment to life and religious liberty.” He referred to this reversing of the rule the Obama administration issued as “a major pro-life victory,” precisely what it is.

Daniel Carter lives in Davidson.