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Almost 20 years ago Cardinal Giacomo Biffi said “nations have the right to be nations.” He further made clear that included the right of nations to control their own borders. Regardless of what some people may think, advocating for mass migration and open borders is not Catholic doctrine.

The Holy Family were truly refugees. They didn’t (nor would they have if it were possible) march through Europe searching for the country that could give them the most generous social safety net.

Immigration policy is, or should be, about a nation’s best interests, ensuring a harmonious society and “domestic tranquility.” It’s not about promoting diversity or fulfilling dubious “refugee” quotas.

Furthermore, given the results of such policies throughout Europe, especially Germany and Sweden, it seems clear that these policies are more inspired by a contempt for the native peoples of these countries than by any altruistic principles.

Bill Federkiel is a parishioner of St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Charlotte.