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I was surprised with the conclusions regarding immigration reached in the Dec. 22, 2017, commentary by Dr. Kamila Valenta, especially the statement that “our country can be made safer by embracing immigration.” As a Native American born and raised on a remote, poverty-stricken reservation, I can say firsthand that not all people “come in peace.” If we Indians had strong immigration laws and were more careful about welcoming everyone who showed up on our shores, we wouldn’t have lost our homes and our country. Read the commentary.

On a practical note, how would we see financing of all the costs incurred when we allow all of these immigrants – such as housing, health care, education and food? And what about jobs? Do our citizens lose their job opportunities?

I think there should be stronger immigration laws, or all of you may end up like my people.

Daphne Stroup is a member of St. Therese Church in Mooresville.